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Chair of the Academic Committee

Academic Committee

程津培    教授  中国科学院院士

Prof. Jin-Pei Cheng (J.-P. Cheng)


1981             MS, Nankai University


Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Professor of State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic 
Chemistry, Nankai University

Postdoctoral, Duke University, USA
PhD, Northwestern University, USA

(1) Physical Organic Chemistry
(2) Mechanism of asymmetric catalysis



2005年  获香港何梁何利基金会“何梁何利科技进步奖”
2012年  获中国化学会-中国石油化工股份有限公司“化学贡献奖”
2013年  获中国化学会“物理有机化学成就奖”


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