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赵东兵   特聘研究员  博士生导师

Prof. Dongbing Zhao (D. Zhao)  


2007-2012          Ph.D. (Major: Organic Chemistry), College of Chemistry, Sichuan
, China (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jingsong You) 

2003-2007          B.Sc. (Major: Chemistry), College of Chemistry, Sichuan University,


Professor (tenure-track), State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin, China
Postdoctoral associate, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington (Seattle), United States
 Prof. Dr. Alex K.
-Y. Jen)


Postdoctoral associate, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell University, United States
(with Prof. Dr. Brett
P. Fors)


Postdoctoral associate, Organic Chemistry Institute, Westfälische Wilhelms- Universität Münster, Germany
(with Prof. Dr. Frank
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship)

C-H activations, Transition Metal-Catalyzed Organic Transformations, Organic Photovoltaics, Interfacial Engineering for Solar Cells


The National Thousand Young Talents Program (2017)
Alexander von Humboldt-Fellowship, Germany (2013)

Excellent PhD Dissertation Award, Sichuan province
Excellent Graduate Awards, Sichuan province 
The First Prize in Natural Sciences Award of Ministry of Education (No.10)
Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student granted by Ministry of Education
The Tang Aoqing Chemistry Scholarship


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