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Research Areas



 (I) Pesticide Chemistry and Chemical Biology

1.Design, synthesis, bioactivity, and structure-activity relationship (SAR) of new-type high effective pesticides.
2.Separation, elucidation, synthesis, and structural modifications of agricultural chemicals from nature.
3. High efficient micro screening of pesticides.
4.Studies on the target enzyme, structural biology, and pharmacogenomics of high efficient pesticides.

 (II) Physical Organic and Computational Chemistry

1.Organic chemistry foundations of small molecules with important biological functions
2.Molecular ordered aggregates.
3.Studies of reaction mechanisms, electronic structure and optical spectrum of organic compounds.

 (III) Organicmetallic Chemistry and Elemento-organic Chemistry

1. Design, synthesis of metal catalysis and the studies of their fundamental reactivities.
2. Synthesis & structural studies of cluster compounds and multiple bonds of metallic and main-group elements.
3. Design, synthesis, and applications of main-group element functional molecules.
4. Design and application of reagents and catalysts of main group elements.

 (IV) Synthetic Organic  Chemistry
1. Environment-friendly green reaction
2. Novel reagent
3. Asymmetric synthesis
4. Total synthesis of natural products

 (V) Organic Function Materials

1.Design, construction and device foundation of organic functional molecules.
2.Design, construction and function studies of organic-inorganic hybrid molecules.