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2018 Mini-Symposium on the Syntheses of Complex Molecules Successfully Convenes

Release unit:SKLEOC   Release time:2018/06/05    Browse times:15

Organized by Prof. Guangxin Liang and Prof. Pingping Tang of the SKLEOC, the Mini-Symposium on the Syntheses of Complex Molecules took place at May 30th at the lecture hall of Shixian Building. The Mini-Symposium became an annual event since 2012, held in May during the season of Ph.D. defenses. This symposium was hosted by Prof. Guangxin Liang.

Prof. Zhangjie Shi of Fudan University, Prof. Xuefeng Jiang of East China Normal University, Prof. Yefeng Tang of Tsinghua University and Prof. Ang Li of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry were invited to speak at the symposium. Each gave inspiring talks on the applications of novel methodologies and strategies in the synthesis of complex molecules.

Prof. Zhangjie Shi’s talked was entitled “Upgrading Cross Coupling”. During his talk Prof. Shi systematically concluded his 13 years of research at Peking University. Through pieces of intriguing stories, Prof. Shi humorously introduced the development of cross coupling reactions and shared his wisdom and persistence in facing, analyzing and tackling scientific problems. By the end of the talk he gave insight to his further research at Fudan Univerisity.   

Prof. Xuefeng Jiang then gave a lecture focused on “Green Organic Synthesis”. He brought up the concept of step economy and green reagents in achieving green organic synthesis. He then discussed his group’s divergent syntheses of alkaloids and unique selenium and sulfur chemistry based on the above concepts.

Following Prof. Jiang, Prof. Yefeng Tang then gave a talk named “Natural Product-Inspired New Chemistry and Biology – To Learn, to Mimic and to be Better”. His talked focused on his group’s work on the development of practical and efficient synthetic methodologies, and the applications of these methods to the rapid and collective syntheses of novel structured natural products with important biological activities. Apart from synthetic chemistry, he also disclosed his group’s studies on the pharmaceutical properties and chemical biology of their synthetic natural products.

The symposium concluded from a final report by Prof. Ang Li: Syntheses of Polycyclic Natural Products. In his lecture, Prof Li. showcased extraordinary achievements in the total synthesis of several types of natural products. The stories behinds the routes were stimulating, arousing great enthusiasm among the audiences.

The four speakers dedicated a wonderful afternoon for the faculties and students of the SKLEOC. After-talk discussions on the details of organic reaction mechanisms and synthetic strategies were thought-provoking. The speakers presented not only cutting-edge science, but also shared their philosophies in scientific research.