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Upcoming events

【Notification】 SKLEOC Public Opening on the Science & Technology Week of 2018

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Based on the 2018 Science & Technology week of Tianjin and Nankai University and the file “Notification of the Public Opening of State Key Laboratories on the Science & Technology Week of 2018” given by the Depart of Basic Research of Ministry of Science and Technology, the SKLEOC will hold its public opening week from May 19th-26th as part of the 2018 Science & Technology Week of China and Tianjin. The theme of this activity is “Scientific Innovation, Fortuned Nation”. During this week the SKLEOC will be open to the public society, we warmly welcome your arrival. 

Department: The State Key Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry, Nankai University.

Activity Manager: Chunming Cui, Professor

Contact: Zhichun Li, Senior Engineer

Phone Number: 022-23503691

Cell Number: 13312046078

Location: Shixian Building, No.6 Building

Time: May 19th(Saturday) to May 26th(Saturday)

           9:00 AM-11:00 AM, 2:30 PM-4:30 PM

Service Provided: Docents provided for all visitors.

Opening Laboratories:

Shixian Building 101: Laboratory of Chemical Biology

Shixian Building 106: EPR Laboratory

Shixian Building 109: Laboratory of Bioactive Natural Products

Shixian Building 110: Laboratory of Chemistry

Shixian Building 114: 400 MHz, 300 MHz NMR

Shixian Building 115: 600 MHz NMR

Shixian Building 107: 400 MHz NMR

Shixian Building 201: Laboratory of Organophosphorus Chemistry

Shixian Building 305: Laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis

Shixian Building 321: Laboratory of Chromatography Analysis

Shixian Building 405: Laboratory of Porphyrin Chemistry

Shixian Building 411: Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry

Shixian Building 420: Laboratory of Ultraviolet Fluorescence

No.6 Building 104: Laboratory of Elemento-Organic Chemistry and Homogenous Catalysis

No. 6 Building 109:Transmission Electron Microscopy

No. 6 Building 112: High Resolution Mass Spectroscopy

No.6 Building 114: Single Crystal Analysis

No. 6 Building 121: Atomic Force Microscope