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Two Research Projects of the SKLEOC Named 2016 “Top 10 Scientific Achievements of Nankai University”

Release unit:SKLEOC   Release time:2018/05/07    Browse times:20

Recently, Nankai University has announced the 2016 “top 10 scientific achievements of Nankai University”. After rounds of evaluations, two research projects of the SKLEOC were selected. The nominated projects are “efficient synthesis of strained azetidines” from Prof. Gong Chen’s team and “efficient solution-processed small molecule solar cells” from Prof. Yongsheng Chen’s group.

The “top 10 scientific achievements of Nankai University” is brought up by the department of science and technology of NKU. The contest serves to advertise the latest scientific breakthroughs of Nankai, to establish collaboration between different majors and to raise further discoveries. This activity has received much attention from the faculties and students of Nankai and from researchers of different institutes.