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Prof. Dagang Yu Visits the SKLEOC

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Prof. Dagang Yu of Sichuan University paid a visit to the SKLEOC at the invitation of Prof. Liangnian He on April 11th, 2018. Prof. Yu gave a talk entitled “Novel Synthetic Transformations Involving CO2” at 10 A.M. at the lecture hall of Shixian Building.

During the lecture, Prof. Yu thoroughly introduced their development of novel synthetic transformations using CO2 as a renewable C1 source. Their application of CO2 in synthetic chemistry involved two innovative modes. The first of which is the redox neutral preparation of important carbonyl-containing heterocycles utilizing non-toxic CO2 as a replacement for CO and oxidant (“CO2=CO+O”). The second being new strategies for the chemical transformations of CO2, such as radical and photochemical induced reactions. Prof. Yu’s exciting talk and topics arouse great interest among the audience. After the talk, faculties and students shared further discussions on the details of the speech with Prof. Yu.

Prof. Dagang Yu is a member of the 11th national “thousand youth talents plan” system, and is currently a professor at the Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Technology (Sichuan University), Ministry of Education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Sichuan University in 2007 as “outstanding undergraduate”. In the same year he joint Prof. Zhangjie Shi’s group at Peking University. Then 2012, He began postdoctoral studies as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Universität Münster with Prof. Frank Glorious. Prof. Yu returned to Sichuan University as professor in May of 2015. His primary research includes green chemistry (application of CO2), transition metal catalyzed synthetic methodologies (using low-cost copper and iron) and novel preparations of functional molecules (heterocycles and carboxylic acids). Prof. Yu established great achievements in CO2 participated reactions in recent years, and published over 50 papers on world renowned journals. He has won the Henry Fok Youth Teacher Fund, the “Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry” Early Career Researchers in China, 2017 ACP Lectureship Awards to Japan、2017 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, 2017 2nd Prize in Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor of Sichuan University, 2016 Young Scientific Talent Award of Sichuan University, 2016 1st Prize in Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor of Sichuan University, 016 “Organic Chemistry Frontiers” Emerging Investigators, 2013 Reaxys PhD Prize (Finalist), 2012 Dow Chemical sustainable development innovation award (special award), 2012 “Top 10 Outstanding Scholars” of Peking University, Outstanding PhD Thesis of Peking University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2011 SciFinder Recognition in Excellence Program for OMCOS16, 2011 “Chemistry Star” of Peking University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2010 Merit Student of Peking University.