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Professor Xiangdong Fang from Tongji University Visits the SKLEOC

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At the invitation of Prof. Chunming Cui, Prof. Xiangdong Fang from Tongji University visited the SKLEOC. He gave an excellent lecture titled “Synthesis of Functionalized BN-Arenes” in the Lecture Hall of Shixian Building at 14:00 PM on December 6th, 2017.

In his lecture, Prof. Fang first introduced their  efficient synthesis of BN-naphthalene (ABN), and functionalizing ABN ring system leads to a variety of new BN-arene compounds that may find innovative applications in optoelectronics, functional materials and pharmaceutical chemistry. Prof. Fang’s wonderful lecture and clear-cut descriptions aroused much interest from the audience. After the lecture, faculties and students of the SKLEOC had in-depth discussion with Prof. Fang.

Prof.  Fang received his PhD from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.Then he successively joined the group of Prof. Richard F. Jordan at University of Chicago,Illinois and Prof. Guillermo C. Bazan's group at University of California,Santa Barbara  for his postdoctoral research. 2003-2010 he was working at University of Waterloo as assistant professor. In 2010, he started his career at the Tongji University. Prof. Fang’s research covers the  fields of synthetic organic  chemistry, organometallic chemistry, organic materials.