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【Zhen Xi and Chuanzheng Zhou's Group】Thiol Specific and Tracelessly Removable Bioconjugation via Michael Addition to 5-Methylene Pyrrolones

Release unit:英文站   Release time:2017/04/22    Browse times:270

5-Methylene pyrrolones (5MPs) are highly thiol-specific and tracelessly removable bioconjugation tools. 5MPs are readily prepared from primary amines in one step. 5MPs exhibit significantly improved stability under physiologically relevant conditions and cysteine specificity compared to commonly used analogues, maleimides. Michael addition of thiol to 5MPs occurs rapidly, cleanly, and does not generate a stereocenter. The conjugates efficiently release thiols via retro-Michael reaction in alkaline buffer (pH 9.5) or via thiol exchange at pH7.5. This unique property makes 5MPs valuable for the controlled release of conjugated cargo and temporary thiol protection. The utilization of 5MPs for protein immobilization and pull-down of active complexes is illustrated using E. coli. acetohydroxyacid synthase isozyme I.