On July 15th, 2016, the State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry (SKLEOC) kicked off 3rd EOC Symposium auditorium of Building A, Tianjin-Nankai University Union Tower.

The EOC Symposium is an annual symposium started by the State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry. The symposium began to take place since 2014. Each EOC Symposium focuses on one theme of organic chemistry. This year’s theme is “transition metal catalysis for organic synthesis”. 17 speakers were present, and 11 rising stars in organic chemistry from China were invited to make poster presentation. More than 200 members of the SKLEOC attended this symposium, of which 32 postgraduates had their poster presentations. Prof. Qilin Zhou, dean of the school of chemistry, hosted and addressed the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, this symposium reserved one and a half days. Prof. Jonathan Ellman of Yale University, Prof. Naoto Chatani of Osaka University, Prof. Erik Alexanian of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Prof. Igor Larrosa of University of Manchester, Prof. Magnus Reuping of RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Tomislav Rovis of Colorado State University, Prof. Lutz Ackerman of University of Göttingen, Prof. Matthew Sigman of the University of Utah, and Prof. Kenichiro Itami of Nagoya University were the invited group of speakers from abroad. Whereas Prof. Shengming Ma from Fudan University and Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry CAS, Prof. Yongqiang Tu from Lanzhou University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Prof. Qilin Zhou from Nankai University, Prof. Yong Tang from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry CAS, Prof. Yi’an Shi from Nanjing University, Prof. Xumu Zhang from Southern University of Science and Technology, Prof. Jianbo Wang and Prof. Zhixiang Yu from Peking University formed the family of domestic speakers. The inspiring and enthusiastic lectures promoted much academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of transition metal catalysis. As a platform for international exchange, this symposium showcased the ever-growing academic influence of Chinese chemists on the organic community.

At the closing ceremony, director of SKLEOC Prof. Chunming Cui gave closing remarks to all invited attendees. Prof. Cui announced the three posters awards, which went to Lijun XiaoGuoxing Li, and Yanlong Zheng  from three research groups respectively led by Prof. Qilin Zhou, Prof. Gong Chen, and Prof. Mengchun Ye. The award consisted of prize money, a molecular model set and certificate autographed by all the invited speakers.. In the end, this EOC symposium successfully came to an end amid the loud applause of congratulation to prize winners.


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