During July 14th-15th, 2017, the State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry (SKLEOC) kicked off 4th EOC Symposium auditorium of Building A, Tianjin-Nankai University Union Tower. This year’s theme is “Asymmetric Synthesis: the Methods and Applications”. 14 speakers and 10 rising stars in organic chemistry were present More than 200 members of the SKLEOC attended this symposium, of which 30 postgraduates had their poster presentations. Organizer Prof. Qilin Zhou hosted and addressed the opening ceremony. 

After the opening ceremony, this symposium reserved two days. Prof. Michael P. Doyle of UTSA of America, Prof. F. Dean Toste of University of California, Berkeley, Prof. X. Peter Zhang of Boston College of America, Dr. Yongkui Sun of Merck & Co., Inc. of America, Prof. Nicolai Cramer and Prof. Jieping Zhu of EPFL of Switzerland, Prof. Keiji Maruoka of Kyoto University, Prof. Shũ Kobayashi of University of Tokyo, Prof. Takahiko Akiyama of Gakushuin University were the invited group of speakers from abroad. Whereas Prof. Shun’ai Che from Tongji University, Prof. Liuzhu Gong from University of Science and Technology of China, Prof. Minghua Liu from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Prof. Yonggui Zhou from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Prof. Shuli You from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS formed the family of domestic speakers. Meanwhile, 10 youth scholars were invited to make brief introduction and poster presentation of their group’s representative achievements respectively.The inspiring and enthusiastic lectures demonstrated recent achivements of chiral molecular synthesis methods and their applications in chiral drugs, chiral functional materials and efficient synthesis of complex natural products from different angles, Which stimulated the paticipants’ enthusiasm and promoted much academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of Asymmetric Synthesis. As a platform for international exchange, this symposium showcased the fruitful achievement of Chinese chemists on asymmetric synthesis. During the symposium , teachers and students had in-depth communication with guest speakers, which widen the mind, expand the view and promoted the friendship. 

This EOC symposium set three present excellence awards, which went to Yipan Li, Tianjiao Qiao and Hao Wang. All invited speakers were the judges for the award. Prof. Qilin Zhou and Prof. chunming Cui conferred upon the three students prize,molecular model of great value and the certificate of merit autographed by all invited lecturers, which greatly aroused all students’passion in scientific research and sense of pride in academic research.

At the closing ceremony, director of SKLEOC Chunming Cui gave closing remarks to all invited attendees. He reviewed the history and academic tradition of EOC Symposium, In the end, this EOC symposium successfully came to an end amid the loud applause of all attendees.

4th EOC Poster
EOC scientific program


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